Woman in the Home

Women in Home



In this course we explore traditional and diverse aspects of homemaking. Starting with the kitchen as the place of both nurture and home economy, we learn how to make stocks and broths and observe the aspect of seasonality with the production of jams, jellies and other preserves. The subject of healthy food is explored. The home environment extends to the garden and our connection with nature, where the art of garden aesthetics, composting, and the culinary and medicinal properties of herbs is learned. The garden is then brought back into the home with an introduction to flower arranging.

Throughout the course, cultures and epochs are brought to life by practical application. Emphasis is laid on the sensuality and delight that tending a home can bring, including the benefits of a shared meal table, and the Prophetic wisdom of hospitality.


This is the art of bringing beauty to ourselves and to our surroundings. The subject embraces an appreciation of beauty – how it affects oneself and one’s immediate surroundings and environment, and how to apply it. We observe the changes throughout history of applied design and decoration, and explore the aesthetic of fashions, trends and movements. We aim to refine the art of looking and seeing, and to accentuate an awareness of the myriad colours and forms around us.

A further aspect of this subject is to encourage the beautification of the home, in the context of understanding the importance of the home as a place of rest from the busy-ness of the world, and a place which nourishes those living in it and the guests who come to it.