Woman as Wife and Mother




The experiences of procreation, pregnancy and birth have a far-reaching effect, not only on the mother, but also on the development and emerging consciousness of the child. We connect our young women with the intrinsic knowledge inherent in their bodies’ natural rhythms, and examine the event of birth with a holistic and deeply feminine approach.


This module covers the importance of the traditional, forty-day post-birth fitra practice of mother and baby remaining confined to the home, which consolidates bonding between mother and child and allows the mother to regain her strength. We examine post-birth healing practices that are vital to the recovery of the mother and the wellbeing of the baby. We also explore dietary concerns and the importance of breastfeeding.


In this subject we revisit marriage away from the modern romantic concept and encounter the nature of marriage as an agreement between two people. We look at marriage as a collaborative relationship that allows transformation both in the personal sphere and outwards into the community. We explore the need for the woman to keep intact her own unique spiritual identity and to hold to what she knows to be true in order to preserve an active and independent course through her life. We also look at the importance of the woman maintaining her independence without compromising her loyalty to her husband.


Melanie Klein was a psychoanalyst and contemporary of Freud, and the initiator of play therapy with children in the 1950s. Her work shows us the significance of the early childhood years and the need for the child to be imbued with a sense of internal security through the parents, particularly the mother. In this module we aim to gain a greater awareness of the implications of how we interact with and relate to our children.