Our Aims

our aims

At The Lady Aisha College, we take our students on a journey of discovery. We aim to provide them with an educational experience from which they can draw for the rest of their lives. As such, our six-month intensive Women’s Studies course is wide-ranging and multi-faceted:

  • We focus on the various stages and domains of a woman’s life, and endeavour to connect our students with the expansive knowledge and unlimited wisdom that is contained within the realm of ‘Woman’, in the deepest and broadest sense of the word.
  • We provide the young Muslim woman with the tools to negotiate her way through the modern Judaeo-Christian society, so that she is neither conquered by it nor is simply reacting against it. In this context, we aim to engender a discriminative ability in our students so that they may remain fully grounded in the Deen of Islam whilst having the discernment to take from the best of Western culture.
  • We celebrate each student’s unique qualities whilst pinpointing and drawing out their latent and untapped capabilities in both the academic and practical sphere.

Our intention is for our graduates to leave the College as independent, informed thinkers and doers who can engage in all levels of society with eloquence and intelligence, who have a broadened vision of their activity within the realm of the home and the wider community, and who possess a heightened sense of clarity and confidence in themselves, in their potential and in their future.

The College admits Muslim women aged between 18 and 24 years of age.