College Environment

The Lady Aisha College is located in the leafy Cape Town suburb of Newlands in a magnificent historical building. It has excellent  and varied teaching spaces and expansive grounds. Close by are the world-famous Kirstenbosch gardens, the University of Cape Town and the lively Newlands Village. The College is a beautiful  and elevating environment in which women can meet to share their experiences and knowledge, and where they can make connections beyond nationalities, continents and backgrounds.

Each day the students take turns to make and serve the Morning Coffee and Lunch to their fellow students and the teaching faculty. This aspect of service is a key part of the teaching of the College.

The College is open to Muslim women of all nations and encourages those from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for bursaries.


The region of the Western Cape on the southern tip of the African Continent is an area of exceptional natural beauty, moderate climate and rich fertility. Cape Town, dominated by majestic Table Mountain, enjoys magnificent stretches of coastline on both the Indian and the Atlantic sides. It is home to a well-established and respected Muslim community which has a long history in the Cape. It is said that Cape Town is the largest Muslim city outside of the traditional Islamic world. There are some 240 Mosques scattered all over the city, some of which are several hundred years old. There is a noticeable Muslim presence in the streets of the city.


The College plays host to visiting lecturers from all walks of life and we host arts and cultural events which are also open to the wider community in Cape Town. Students participate in trips to local exhibitions, gardens, and places of cultural interest.