Additional Subjects

farah workshop



Students are encouraged to prepare an economic plan that will enable them to partially fund themselves during their time at the College. The intention of this is to inspire them to create economically innovative and sustainable home industries in their respective communities. They will work together on a project to acquire the basic skills needed to start an enterprise, research the marketplace and promote a business.


Weekly exercise classes are held in the College. Students also engage in accompanied walks and hikes in the local forests and foothills of Cape Town’s mountain range.


Throughout the year, our students undertake the learning of a selection of traditional, practical skills. These include the arts of crochet, sewing and dressmaking, and pottery. The girls also keep a visual diary in which they regularly draw or paint a record of their experiences at the College.


Weekly drama classes are held to facilitate our Women in Literature module. The students publicly present an edited version of a play at least once in the year.