Students are housed at the College in Newlands. All the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms and there are both elegant and relaxed communal areas for the students to spend time with each other and to study. There is a beautiful established garden with expansive lawns and ancient trees as well as a magnificent swimming pool. All meals are included in the residential fees.

The College is located in one of the most beautiful leafy suburbs of Cape Town, close to the University and within walking distance of shops and cafés.

We encourage students to take the opportunity to board at the College as this enables them to have a much more fulfilling and enriching experience within the College.

The students will be expected to take part in the cooking and cleaning of their home which enables them to put into practice aspects of the Household Management and Making Beautiful modules. Knowledges and skills learnt at the College may thus be nurtured and consolidated, and the inculcation of adab (refined behaviour) more readily absorbed. The students will be encouraged to participate in the general running of the household and to keep their personal space clean and tidy.

No less important, of course, is that the home environment is an arena where the girls can laugh, watch movies, listen to music, socialise and simply enjoy one another’s company.